Depending on the design preferences and the thickness of the stone, we now produce epoxy or cement-based terrazzo with the Stoneline difference. We named it “Palezzo” because the artisanal approach in our terrazzos mostly combines the palladian tradition and classical terrazzo.


Stoneline Palezzo is specially produced and applied for your project, a brand new opportunity for you to create unique spaces.

In addition, homogeneous terrazzo in a classic structure that will create the colors and textures suitable for your preferences and projects.

History revived


History revived

With the production of Palezzo, we are embracing a tradition that was abandoned in time.

Stoneline, in its pioneering initiative, handles forgotten but now re-interested material in the world with an innovative, artistic approach.


Freedom of Choice

We offer an extensive selection of floor colors and stone choices, especially for the Epoxy Palezzo.

Creating your own color is possible using RAL, Pantone, or any preferred color chart. While cement-based Palezzo can be tinted using iron oxide-based pigments, the range of binder color choices might be more constrained compared to the epoxy-based counterpart.

All of the Palezzos are specially designed and can be adapted according to preference;

  • Your Designs, Our Expertise: Crafting Unique Compositions with Palezzo

    At Palezzo, we encourage creativity beyond our own designs. You are not confined to our creations; instead, bring your ideas to life! Share your designs and concepts with our experienced team, and we'll work together to achieve your desired aesthetic. Palezzo is not just a product; it's a platform for turning your visions into reality.*

  • Beyond Marble: Palezzo’s Versatile Material Palette

    Palezzo goes beyond conventional materials, incorporating a diverse range of elements such as copper, aluminum, brass, sea shells, wood, and glass. Our commitment to innovation extends to using various metals and materials to craft unique, stunning designs that transcend the traditional boundaries of marble.*

  • Palezzo: Tailored for Your Project

    Elevate your project with Palezzo, where our products and designs are customizable to suit your unique vision. Epoxy, with its extensive color palette, allows us to match any shade you desire – just provide us with a color code! From altering the type, color, shape, and size of aggregates to adjusting the dimensions of natural stones, Palezzo offers a personalized touch. With nearly 100 types of aggregates, including onyx, glass, marble, and epoxy chunks, Palezzo is a bespoke craftsmanship for your projects.

  • Transforming Leftover Materials into Elegance with Palezzo

    It takes thousands of years to create natural stone, so why not utilize them to the fullest? Palezzo is a brand committed to using leftover materials, recycling, and upcycling as much as possible. With over 200 types of leftover natural stone in our stock, Palezzo stands out for its dedication to sustainable design. As a part of the Stoneline family, having one of the largest natural stone collections, we offer a diverse range of materials for our unique designs.


Travertine Family

For table and desk legs in this series, travertine stones are used with bold colors in the epoxy.


We offer four different Palezzo options for table;

Palezzo table with epoxy in the same color as the legs and the same travertine aggregate used.

Palezzo table prepared with epoxy in the same color as the legs and a composition of selected travertine stones.

“Vein cut” travertine table with epoxy filling in the preferred color for the legs.

“Cross cut” travertine table with epoxy filling in the preferred color for the legs.



Since the epoxy palezzo material has a very high hygiene value, it does not react with viruses or bacteria.


A homogeneous texture is obtainable and can be applied in large quantities by pouring in place, without joints.


The variety of colors and compositions is rich, you can create your palezzo you want.


It is an environmentally friendly product due to its highly recyclable material.


Questions & Answers

  • Can it be used for wall covering?

    Yes, Palezzo can be installed on vertical surfaces like natural stone or ceramic. Zero joints can be applied so they are least apparent.

  • How should the floor conditions be?

    -If Palezzo is poured on site, the floor should be dry (max humidity 4%), on the scale (max undulation for 20 m2 is 1-2 mm) and the screed quality at the lower level should be in the C35 concrete standard.
    -The dryness condition of the ground is not required for the tiles installation.

  • Can it be poured on site?

    Yes, It can be poured on 45-50 m2 surface without joints. Usually the joints locations are selected adequately to your project’s plan.

  • What is Palezzo’s weight?

    Just like the natural stone. The weight of Palezzo is:
    - 55-60 kg/m2 for of 20 mm thick slabs,
    - 28-30 kg/ m2 for 10 mm thick slabs,

  • Is there any minimum oder quantity?

    No, you can order a coffee table top as you can also pour thousands of square meters of Palezzo.

  • Does it get stained?

    Palezzo can be easily cleaned by using natural and non-chemical detergents and its absorbency is less than natural stone. The epoxy base doesn’t get stained, but the stones should be cleaned immediately.

  • How is the surface finish?

    It can be polished, honed or slightly brushed just like the natural stone.

  • Can it be used outdoors?

    Since Palezzo has a low UV resistance, it turns yellow over time when it receives direct sunlights.
    However, it can be used under eaves, pergolas or in semi-enclosed spaces.
    For those who prefer to use it exposed to direct sunlights, it can be applied in anthracite-dark gray colors with a special protective lacquer layer.

  • What is the thickness of Palezzo?

    • Palezzo is mostly 20 mm thick since it’s made with 10-20 mm thick stones.
    • If, it’s not a palladian type or there are no large stones and it’s poured on site then we can pour 12 mm that remains 10 mm once grinded.
    • It is possible to make thinner Palezzo by calibration.
  • What is the size of Palezzo slabs?

    Max slab size is 120x240 cm.
    The slab sizes are decided in accordance with the project or in the desired

  • What are the joint materials?

    Aluminum, stainless steel, zinc or brass can be selected as joint materials for the on-site poured floor applications.

  • Is Palezzo hygienic?

    Palezzo is an inert material, it does not react chemically with any element.
    If a virus or a bacteria falls on it, it can survive maximum 20 seconds.

  • What are the other options besides the natural stone?

    We design and produce our Palezzos not only with stones, but also using glass, metal and hard baked wood.

  • What are the stone options?

    Palezzo is an environment friendly material. Our approach is to use our natural stones and their waste as a priority. Since Palezzo is a brand of Stoneline, our stone options are very diverse, we can recommend options according to the chosen stones and base color preferences.

  • What are the color options?

    The color options of the epoxy matrix are endless, you can choose your color from the desired color chart.

  • Can lathe processes be done on Palezzo?

    Palezzo can be made in solid casting then cut to the desired size, volume and shapes.

  • Can curve surfaces be made?

    Yes, depending on the project and the radius values of the curve, curvilinear surfaces can be obtained by molding it or using other methods.

  • What are the possible edge work for Palezzo?

    All edge process made on natural stone can be applied on Palezzo, such as eased or pencil edge, bullnose, ogee or even miter.